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HopUp Tickets is designed specifically for airsoft event promoters to quickly and easily sell tickets for any type of airsoft event.
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What We Do
We help you create, promote, and sell tickets using a system of airsoft specific tools to quickly and seamlessly sell tickets to any type of airsoft event.
Why You Should Use HopUp Tickets

Specifically for Airsoft

Each feature sitewide has been carefully designed with airsoft in mind to create better player experiences while also saving hours of setup and customer service time previously spent on other ticketing platforms not intended for airsoft.

Exposure to the Largest Online Airsoft Community

All events get exclusive game exposure to over 50,000 airsoft players through the HopUp App. Events are shown to players sorted by distance to encourage local and long distance attendance.

Your Events Will Never Be “Politically Canceled”

The HopUp Marketplace was created when Facebook banned airsoft sales. The worst thing that could happen to airsoft events is a very similar political decision to remove airsoft events from Ticketbud, Eventbrite, etc. HopUp Tickets is ready and will always support all types of airsoft events.

Involvement and Experience

We’re creators, but also airsofters at heart. With 15+ years involved (half of that in business), we understand what event promoters need and want to help. Our involvement helps us build better features, which is why HopUp Tickets is the best solution for pre-selling airsoft event tickets.
“HopUp Tickets makes our jobs at AMS so much easier, it’s like a Ticketbud that doesn’t suck! The optional player-driven ticket transfers have saved my team hours of admin work and gives a better player experience.”
- Bo, American Milsim
Up Your Game
Your New Ticket Platform
Airsoft event promoters use HopUp Tickets to sell more tickets. Whether it’s milsim, speedsoft, parties, or weekend casual play, this airsoft specific platform levels up your pre-event workflow. 

Our system helps promoters set up events, organize information, promote to airsofters where they hang out every day, sell tickets quickly, and check in lightning fast on game day.
Why was HopUp Tickets created?
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What Happens When You Use HopUp Tickets
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Why You Need HopUp Tickets
Your current ticket platform isn’t built for airsoft, which means events take longer to setup, it’s harder for players to find, and you’re missing features. Your current ticket platform probably costs more for less, too. Here’s a comparison of HopUp Tickets and Eventbrite:
With HopUp Tickets
With Eventbrite
Platform Fee
3% + $1, plus processing*
3.5% + $1.59, plus processing
Ability to Pass Fees to Attendees
Complete Control
Partial Control
Exposure on HopUp to >50k Airsofters
Completely Free
Not Possible
Player Managed Ticket Transfers
Completely Free
Not Possible
Import Previous Event Details
Completely Free
Not Possible
Add-on Variants and Upsells
Completely Free
Not Possible
Airsoft-Specific Support and Tips**
Completely Free
They Don't Play Airsoft
Future Updates Specific for Airsoft
Completely Free
They Don't Care
Security from Banning Airsoft Sales
Completely Free
* Stripe charges 2.9% + $0.30 payment processing fee
** The platform is user friendly, but we're available to help with questions or give feedback on your next event if needed.
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